Meet Rafaela E. DeSuze - Emeritus

Office Administrator, Emeritus, 2012

I love working in the front office the best because I enjoy the interaction with the patients and especially the children. I have watched so many of our little ones grow up who are now adults. I have been privileged to see some of our former child patients bring in their little ones! When I am outside of the office, out and about, I am always greeted by one of our little children running up to me and giving me a hug and kiss. It has been a true pleasure to be part of Children’s Dentistry.

I met Dr. Barconey in another dental office while she was an up-and-coming pediatric dentist. Dr. Barconey and I became fast friends. We hit it off so well that when she decided to open her private office, I was first on board!

I have been with Dr. Barconey since 1994, and have assisted her every step of the way from opening the office in its initial build-out to the placement of the back office lab. I am known for being the cornerstone of the office. Whatever you needed to know, I could help you, from an appointment to billing, and making sure the back office was fully stocked and making sure Dr. Barconey took time to eat a nutritious lunch I would make her. It has been a total blessing to have been Dr. Barconey’s right and left hand when needed.

I fully enjoyed working with the whole dental team; I trained and assisted all the young women to aspire to become the best dental assistants, as well as front office staff. All the ladies are smart and enjoy working with the children and adults. We have all become a family. I still get calls now that I have retired and moved to Panamá with my family. They still call me for information! I just love it!

I retired from Children’s Dentistry in 2012 and moved back to Panamá to be with my children, Melsa and Rupert. I am so proud of my grandchildren: my grandson Javier is a fireman working directly with the Panama Canal; my grandson Alexander is an engineer with Sony; and my granddaughter Mildred is a securities specialist administrator with the Merchant Banks here in Panama. (She’s a chip off the old block! Me!)

My community involvement focuses on my son’s church, where he serves as a bishop. I volunteer and assist in the church wherever they may need me. I am always using my specialty of baking treats for everyone after service. Being a former head baker for the Panama Canal General’s Club, I am now back to my roots and serving up my wonderful baked delicacies for all to enjoy.

During my leisure time, I travel all over the world. I love that every two years my family has a reunion and we all decide on a new destination. I have traveled the seas on many beautiful ships and enjoyed all the amenities, as well as getting together in Florida for the sunshine. I am so blessed to have a wonderful family that makes sure we stay in close touch through our many wonderful journeys together.

I, Rafaela DeSuze, the administrator emeritus, am proud to welcome you to Children’s Dentistry. You are in the best hands with Dr. Linda S. Barconey.

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